The Mathematics Learning Success Center offers free drop-in tutoring for all OSU and NOC students enrolled in MATH-prefix courses. The MLSC is a welcoming, inclusive environment for studying mathematics. Our undergraduate peer tutors work to empower students to succeed in their mathematics classes. We are committed to helping students recognize their strengths, enhance their mathematical skills, boost their confidence, and further develop their ability to learn independently.

The Mathematics Learning Success Center was established in 1985. Our current facility located on the 5th floor of the OSU library. There are three main rooms: a large computer lab with 130 computers, and two large tutoring rooms that have tables and chairs for 50 people each. The large rooms have multimedia equipment and internet connection. There are three smart boards and whiteboard walls in many of the spaces. There are also six smaller tutoring rooms that can seat 6 people each which are often used for instructor office hours or small group study sessions.

There are around 30 undergraduate tutors currently employed at the center, including five undergraduate student coordinators who serve as experienced tutors and take on a management role as well. Instructors of lower division mathematics classes schedule office hours at the MLSC, and we have a long history of offering tutoring to local high school students Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Sunday afternoons.

The MLSC is an essential part of our Success in Undergraduate Mathematics (SUMS) initiative.